High Power Soldering Iron Thermostat Welding Tool Adjustable

model: 100W


High power soldering iron thermostat welding tool


Brand new and high quality
Voltage:AC 210-240v
Power: 150W 200W 300W 500W
Temperature range: 200-500
Long life tips
Super quality and convinient for working, industrial or Diy.

Welding Methods:

1. Cleaning of the parts to be welded
2. Cleaning tip, the tip will make all the painted surfaces of solder
3. The heating (not welded) to be connected together
4. The solder is applied to the site instead of heating the tip until the solder melts and flows freely


1. Fuming at the beginning is normal to use short
2. The use of solder to prevent any part of the burned parts
3. Pull the tip temperature when the ban, it would burn heating element
4. With the natural cooling

Package list:

1 x High power soldering iron

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