High Speed Ultraviolet Light UV IC EEPROM Eraser 110V 220V 14 ICs



High Speed Ultraviolet Light UV EPROM Eraser 110-240VAC 14 IC

Features & Specifications:

♦Working voltage: AC 100-240V.
♦Power Consumption ( Max ) 5W.
♦Machine size: 169x111x54mm.
♦Drawer capacity: 43x116x11mm
♦60 minutes Mechanical Timer.
♦Light source: Cathode ray mercury lamp (CFL).
♦Ultraviolet radiation intensity inside the box: approx 12mW/cm² when 220VAC and 7mW/cm² when 110VAC.
♦Can erase 14 chips of EPROM simultaneously. Its drawer can hold 7 chips and another 7 can be put when you open the cover.
♦Please remove the adhestive tape before erasing the chip.
♦Functions: semiconductor wafer (IC) erase radiation, small items disinfection, small presswork curing (such as banknotes and stamps) , painting and glue solidifying , film exposure and so on.

Package List:
  • 1x EPROM eraser

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