High Temperature Lead-Free Solder Paste for Motherboard Repair

Option: 138℃
Type: Canned 55g


Professional Lead-Free BGA Solder Flux Paste 138℃ / 183℃ / 217℃ Low Medium High Temperature Soldering Paste Flux for Mobile Phone Motherboard Welding Repair Tool

Optional Models:
  • Low Temperature (138℃):
1. Needle tube packaging:
FIX-230 Sn42 / Bi58 42g
2. Canned package:
FIX-231 Sn42 / Bi58 55g

  • Medium Temperature (183℃):
1: Syringe packaging: Needle tube
FIX-229 Sn62.8 / Pb8 / Ag0.4 42g
2: Canned packaging:
FIX-228 Sn62.8 / Pb36.8 / Ag0.4 55g

  • High Temperature (217℃):
1: Syringe packaging: Needle tube
FIX-227 Sn96.5 / Ag3 / Cu0.5 42g
2: Canned packaging:
FIX-226 Sn96.5 / Ag3 / Cu0.5 55g

  1. With strong continuous printing performance, it is suitable for fine pitch IC, BGA and relatively nice component soldering.
  2. Wettability and demould properties are good, anti-cold & hot collapse and anti-dry are strong.
  3. Applicable to a variety of high-demand materials PCB welding, nice pitch and high-precision components and few tin-connection tombstoning displacement phenomenon.
  4. Full tin and shinning tin beads, less residue, white and transparent, and there is no strong corrosive substance such as fluorine.

Package includes:
1pc x Lead-Free BGA Solder Flux Paste

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