High-temperature Resistant Tape Welding BGA Chip Soldering Tape

Size: 15mm x 30m


Product Specification :
  • Length: 30 meters per roll
  • Type: adhesive products
  • Product name: polyimide adhesive tape
  • Product model: 20 MM 30 m
  • Product description: polyimide tape, also known as tape, commonly known as resistance to high temperature tape, gold finger tape, prevent welding tape, hot melt adhesive tape, on polyimide film as the backing material, adopt different adhesives to achieve different levels of heat-resistant.
  • Product features: with high temperature resistant polyimide tape, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, solvent resistance and other properties.

Product parameters : 
  • Color: tea color
  • Short-term temperature resistance (300 deg;C )
  • Long-term temperature resistance 260 (deg;C )
  • Adhesion: 6 (N / 25 mm)
  • Withstand voltage: 6 kv
  • * the above data for experimental sampling data, only supplies the reference.

Product Application : 
  1. High temperature low PCB gold finger spraying cover protection
  2. Low circuit board soldering cover
  3. Low heat insulation transformer coil banding
  4. Low cell phone lithium battery manufacturing banding
  5. Low fever is fixed
  6. Low motor insulation
  7. Low motor coil fixed outer insulation
  8. High temperature covered low electronic components

Product use : 
  • Polyimide tape is suitable for motor insulation, circuit board soldering tin shelter, transformer coil wound, fixed motor coil and outer insulation, etc.
  • Features use: high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, stable and reliable performance characteristics, widely as the electronic industry in transformer, motor, coil, capacitors and variable frequency power supply such as winding of electrical insulation
  • Polyimide substrate coated high temperature resistant silicone, good stickiness, good docile, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, not tin, no residual adhesive. Used in electronic industry, printed circuit board gold-plated fingers, hot tin hole processing and the stages in tin stove cover protection.

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