iboot ipower DC Power Cable RepairSet for iPhone + Android Phones

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Specialized ibootpower DC Power Test Box Repair Set for Repairing iPhone and Android Phones

Output 0-5.5v
Input: 5-16v
0~5.5v voltage output,four-digit current accurate mA detection
Needle,digital,waveform display different interface can be choose
Adjustable protection current prevent high current burn-in phone
Provide 22 battery connectors , fully simulate power data, not restart
Portable fine-tuned milliamp-level power supply,supports all models
Use Typec connector,regardless of direction ,more reliable connect

Button Function:
Left Button: Turn off/on the power output
Middle: Decrease the output power voltage
Right: Increase output power voltage
Setting: Press and hold the left button for 3 seconds to enter the main menu setting interface,the middle button adjusts the setting options up and down ,and the right button adjusts the current option parameters

Full battery date no restart
Step mA current
Power on charge test
with more power cable,convenient and practical
diverse display modes
type-c input / output

Smarter and more pratical
Battery date simulation
With more Bat interface
Suitable for ISO and Android Models

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