iboot ipower DC Power Cable RepairSet for iPhone + Android Phones



Specialized iboot power DC Power Test Box Repair Set for Repairing iPhone and Android Phones

Function : 

  1. Output 0-5.5v
  2. Input: 5-16v
  3. 0~5.5v voltage output,four-digit current accurate mA detection
  4. Needle,digital,waveform display different interface can be choose
  5. Adjustable protection current prevent high current burn-in phone
  6. Provide 22 battery connectors , fully simulate power data, not restart
  7. Portable fine-tuned milliamp-level power supply,supports all models
  8. Use Typec connector,regardless of direction ,more reliable connect

Button Function : 

  • Left Button: Turn off/on the power output
  • Middle: Decrease the output power voltage
  • Right: Increase output power voltage
  • Setting: Press and hold the left button for 3 seconds to enter the main menu setting interface, the middle button adjusts the setting options up and down, and the right button adjusts the current option parameters
  • Full battery date no restart
  • Step mA current
  • Power on charge test
  • With more power cable,convenient and practical
  • Diverse display modes
  • Type-c input / output 

Features : 

  1. Smarter and more practical
  2. Battery date simulation
  3. With more Bat interface
  5. Universal
  6. Suitable for ISO and Android Models

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