ipad ICloud Unlock Adapter iPad 5 6 Air12 Activation Error Fix Repair

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Automatic Generation of SN + Wifi + BT (unlocked SN) for iPad 5 Air iPad 6 Air 2, 100% fix activation error.

New iPad Unlock iCloud non-removal adapter for IPad 5 Air 1 / IPad 6 Air 2, it will Avoid Remove NAND from the ipad motherboard, Reading & Writing Nand Flash by this adapter, don't need remove nand from ipad motherboard, change Serial Number (SN), Model, Area, Color on IPad 5 Air 1 / IPad 6 Air 2.

iPad 5 6 air1 2 iCloud Unlock Adapter Ipad NAND Test Fixture

Has been tested to support for ipad 5/6
Can't support: ipad 5 TOSHIBA 32G THGBX2G8B4JLA0
Can't support: ipad 6 Toshiba 64G THGBX4G9T4KLF0C
Can't support: SanDisk 64G SDMILBCF4
More NAND supported list will be added in future.

Steps for usage:
1. Select to install 32bits or 64bits USB driver, according to your own windows operating system.
2. Connect the machine with computer by USB Cable.
3. After the instrument driver is automatically installed, run software: PAD_5_6. exe
4. Select right ipad model: according to pad model
5. Remove the glue from the bottom of the mainboard, then put into the instrument
6. Click on NAND test If the communication is normal, the software window will display the iPad model information
7. Click to read the information At this time read the original serial number of the mainboard, regional information
8. Click to generate, you can generate a new serial number, and other information in one click.
9. After you have determined that there is no ID through the query, you can use Update All to complete the operation.

English software:

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