iMesa Touch ID Platform with Flex Cable For iPhone Fingerprint Repair



iMesa touch ID platform with flex cable for iPhone 7 8 fingerprint repair, fingerprint repair flex cable iPhone 7 8 Touch ID repair flat cable, iMesa fingerprint repair FPC connector socket flex cable for iPhone 7 7P 8 8P Touch ID repair, Replacement part for repairing the iPhone fingerprint flex cable that are broken or can't be used

iMesa Touch ID Repair Fingerprint Flex Cable Replacement Part For iPhone 6 7 8 Fingerprint Trouble Repair

Note: If Touch ID is not working, this flex cable can't fix the error, need the professional skills and knowledge, or you can't use it

iMesa Phone Fingerprint Repair FPC Connector Socket Flex Cable for iPhone 7 7P 8 8P
Note: It need professional skill and knowledge to install, please be careful.

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