Individual Package KN95 FFP2 Dust-proof Mask with Breather Valve

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KN95 FFP2 Individual Package Antiviral Mask with Breather Valve Anti Dust Bacterial Face Mask PM2.5 Protective Masks 99% Filtration Mouth Nose Cover

  • KN95 folding dust mask with breather valve
  • Filter effect ≥98%, with breather valve, standard number, ultra-high cost-effective style in smoggy weather
  • For occupational protection of particulate matter, the filtration efficiency for non-oily particulate matter and dust is above 95%
  • Can't protect: all kinds of gases and vapors, oily particles (such as lampblack, oil mist, asphalt smoke, etc.). It is not recommended for smoke prevention (such as welding smoke or casting smoke).
  • The protective mask does not generate oxygen, so it cannot be used in an oxygen-deficient environment.

Please produce and test the instruction manual. Unique patent design of cold flow exhalation valve is suitable for long-term collocation in humid and hot environment.


  • Name: Prevention Masks with Breathing Valve
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 0.018 kg

Package List:

  • 1 x Individual Package KN95 with Breather Valve

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