iPhone 6 7 8 X Battery Activation Tool and Fast Charge Power Cable

Package: Normal Package


Professional iPhone Motherboard Repair Connector Cable, Motherboard Supply Current Test Cable DC Power Supply Test Cable for iPhone 5S SE 6 6P 6S 6SP 7 7P 8 8P X Motherboard Repair

Optional Type:
Option 1: Normal Package
Option 2: W103+ Package, with protection chip and tester pen

Professional power current test cable,battery activation board for iPhone
Specially designed for X 8P 8 7 7P 6S 6SP 6 6P 5 5C 5S 4 4S ,easy to use
Use this cable to determine the phone failure by checking the mobile phone operating current
Detect the mobile phone failure through the current method
The battery activation board bring old or dead batteries back to life,enables the battery to give out more power and prolong its lifetime

Note: Please make sure the repair work is done within the safe voltage range (5V, 1A ~ 1.5A)

Package List:
1 x DC Power Test Cable

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