iPhone 6S 6SP 7 7P Nand flash 16G 32G 64G 128G 256G Memory Chip

Option: Default
Model: 6S/6SP 16GB


16G 32G 64G 128G 256GB 512GB PCIE NAND flash for iPhone 6S 6SP 7 7P, iPhone 6S 6SP 7 7P PCIE Nand flash for expanding iPhone memory storage and repair NAND error, iPhone Nand flash contains default data, or we can write SN/BT/WIFI address to the iPhone Nand flash. Apple iPhone 6S 6SP 7 7P HDD IC replacement.

  • Default(random data)
  • Write SN(need provide SN/BT/WIFI address to us)


  • 6S/6SP 16GB: iPhone 6S/6SP Nand flash 16GB
  • 6S/6SP 32GB: iPhone 6S/6SP Nand flash 32GB
  • 6S/6SP 64GB: iPhone 6S/6SP Nand flash 64GB
  • 6S/6SP 128GB: iPhone 6S/6SP Nand flash 128GB
  • 6S/6SP 256GB: iPhone 6S/6SP Nand flash 256GB
  • 6S/6SP 512GB: iPhone 6S/6SP Nand flash 512GB (not original)
  • 7/7P 32GB: iPhone 7/7P Nand flash 32GB
  • 7/7P 64GB: iPhone 7/7P Nand flash 64GB
  • 7/7P 128GB: iPhone 7/7P Nand flash 128GB
  • 7/7P 256GB: iPhone 7/7P Nand flash 256GB
  • 7/7P 512GB: iPhone 7/7P Nand flash 512GB (not original)

Note: the Nand flash for iPhone 6S to iPhone 7 Plus are the same, they are PCIE nand flash. If you choose "write SN", please send the iPhone SN/BT/WIFI data and iPhone specific model to us, so we can write the data correctly.

For Apple Nand flash IC (iPhone/iPad):

  • 1. Disassembled from original iPhone or iPad, not brand new, it's tested and 100% working well.
  • 2. There are some fillers that should be cleaned and re-balled before use;
  • 3. Successfully tested with our professional tools (iPhone/iPad Nand programmer), but due to welding skills, it is not certain that 100% is suitable for you. In the experience of Chinese maintenance personnel, the success rate is usually more than 95%.
  • 4. Brands: Hynix, Toshiba, SanDisk, few Samsung.
  • 5. We just disassembled it from iPhone or iPad, and test by our professional Apple Nand programmer, if you want to program SN to it, then you need to provide the related data to us.(SN/BT/WIFI)

Other iPhone Nand flash models: iPhone 6 6P 8 8P X XS XS MAX 11 11PRO 11PRO MAX

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