iRepair RC10 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera for Mainboard PCB Repair



iRepair RC10 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with Detachable Lifting Bracket for Phone Motherboard IC Chip Analysis Repair Tool

iRepair RC10 through the analysis of normal / abnormal motherboard comparison mode, quickly and accurately identify the problem chip, help phone fix technician troubleshooting motherboard, greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance of the new generation of overhaul equipment.

  • Single Limit Control.
  • Optimize the operation process, improve work efficiency.
  • Quickly locate the small current leakage position of the capacitor and lock the problem position.
  • Detection host, lifting bracket, detachable design, easy to assemble and carry.
  • The inspection host can replace the lens of the mat microscope, and it can be used as a mat microscope.
  • Quickly locate the position of the small current leakage of the capacitor and lock the problem position.
  • The software can only identify the algorithm and can display the temperature value of each chip.
  • The software side quickly locks the problem chip by comparing and analyzing the normal/abnormal motherboard.
  • The software can record the photo data of each motherboard maintenance by taking pictures and videos.

The world's first positioning technology using double spectrum interleaving, Detect the motherboard chip, resistor and capacitor running temperature by the powerful PC intelligent analysis software and intelligent algorithm; Fast Locate the capacitance of micro current leakage, short-circuit position;

Package includes:
  • 1pc x iRepair RC10 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

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