JAKEMY JM-Z15 PCB Test Fixture for iPhone Motherboard Soldering Repair

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JAKEMY JM-Z15 Phone Motherboard PCB Fixture Holder Repair Clamp Circuit Board Maintenance Platform for iPhone Circuit Board Soldering Repair Tool

Adjustable card mouth, easy to adjust to the best width and intensity;
Leaving plastic antiskid granules screw fixing hole and bottom;
To prevent the occurrence of displacement clamp in operation.
Equipped with a variety of tools to repair the phone to use, more than one type of single screw
Scope of application: maintenance of mobile phones and digital products

Item name: Motherboard PCB Fixture
Type: JM-Z15
Material: Metal
Color: As pictures shown
Quantity: 1pc
Weight: 0.23kg

Package included:
1pc x JAKEMY JM-Z15 PCB Fixture

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