Japan GOOT Soldering Iron KS-30R 40R 80R 30W 60W Outside Heated

Optional: KS-30R


KS-30R/ KS-40R / KS-60R/ KS-80R 30/40/60/80W Outside Heated Type Soldering Iron

Optional GOOT Soldering Iron : 
  • Option 1: KS-30R
  • Option 2: KS-40R
  • Option 3: KS-60R
  • Option 4: KS-80R

Product Specification : 
  • Model: KS-30R/40R/60R/80R
  • Rated voltage: AC 110V/220V (Optional)
  • Power: 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W (Optional)
  • Length: 205mm (30W and 40W), 230mm (60W), 235mm (80W and 100W)
  • Net Weight: 45g (30W and 40W), 65g (60W), 70g (80W and 100W)
  • High-quality, durable soldering tip
  • Easy to handle and operate, not fatigue.

Caution : 
  1. To prevent serious burns or fire, use an appropriate soldering iron stand
  2. Keep out of reach of Children
  3. Plugging into an outlet other than the rated input voltage may result in overheating and fire
  4. To prevent electric shock, do not use the soldering iron in damp or wet locations or expose it to rain
  5. Be sure that the plug pins are pushed fully into the wall power receptacle. After use, remove the plug from the outlet. Never yank the power cord to disconnect it from the receptacle
  6. Before storing or replacing the heater or tip, unplug the soldering iron wait until it cools down

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