JBC T210-A Soldering Handle for JBC CD-2SHE Soldering Rework Station



Original JBC T210-A iron handle for JBC CD-2SHE CD-1SHE soldering station, new JBC T210-A handle for replacing old or unusable T210-A handle, JBC T210-A handle for JBC precision soldering station


  1. The T210 is perfect for accuracy soldering jobs with medium power requirements.
  2. For its size, it is able to work with conventional or small SMD, even under a microscope.
  3. Its ergonomic and the short distance tip-to-grip ensure greater accuracy and comfort.
  4. The cartridges can be easily replaced using the quick cartridge extractor of JBC´s stands.
  5. Works with C210 cartridges.
  6. Easy grip replacement
  7. Using the fitters you can easily change the damaged grips.

  • Item Name: T210-A Soldering Handle
  • Manufacturer: JBC TOOLS
  • Material: Metal Soft foam
  • Color: Black and Green
  • Weight: 0.12kg
  • Quantity: 1pcs

Package included:
  • 1pc x T210-A Handle

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