JC C2 DFU BOX One Key DFU iOS iPhone iPad Restore Booting Tool



JC DFU BOX-C2 allows you to restore and reboot your iPhone instantly, reads its SN/ECID/MODEL information, and show the USB current / voltage real time display.

JC DFU BOX C2 - One Key DFU iOS Restore / Booting

Product Function : 

  1. Phone / logic board one key DFU, fast brushing
  2. USB current voltage real time display
  3. SN/ECID detection automatically
  4. Phone/logic board one key booting

Product Features : 

  1. It simplify the the operations of DFU mode for all lightning iPhone/iPad, it also bring the easy booting features.
  2. JC DFU BOX C2 can detect the SN/ECID and display original model of your device.
  3. Real time voltage and current display via LED display help you monitor the changes.

Operation : 

  • Step 1, connect C2 to power with lighting USB cable
  • Step 2, Power off phone and connect it with C2

Product Specification : 
1. JC DFU BOX, comes with 2 functions buttons.
The left button for language and function switch
The right button for full information display.

2. Lightning port connector support all lighting port iPhone &iPad

Package List :  
  • 1pcs x JC DFU BOX C2

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