JC Intelligent Drawing Online Diagram Bitmap for iPhone iPad Android

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2020 JC Intelligent Drawing English edition for iPhone iPad Android phones, JC intelligent drawing online account integrated bitmap and schematic diagram and notes in one. JC intelligent drawing circuit diagram initiates iPhone maintenance map + block diagram for iPhone iPad android phones, integrated functions of iOS firmware restore and automatic analysis of error report, index node bitmap and schematic diagram, which can be matched automatically by clicking on any content in the content box. replacement for ZXW or WUXINJI, JC intelligent drawing with new technology, high skill, very professional.

Online JC Intelligent Drawing For iPhone iPad Android Circuit Diagram Bitmap

JC schematic diagram bitmap is used online by registering an account and password on the JC Repair Assistant, it's an online account, which saves shipping time and shipping cost.

Features :
1. Add maintenance map + block diagram, any selected content can be matched with the index node bitmap automatically, maintenance ideas appear on the paper.
2. Initiate notes function, notes can be targeted to specific components and net, creating a user specific database.
3. Physical picture. PCB Diagram can be switched manually, users can view the ground resistance value and voltage value of any component.
4. iPhone model data has been completed, iPad and Android Models continue to be updated.

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