iPhone 11 Pro Max Logic Baseband Chip Non-removal Programming



Bring you the ultimate experience for logic/baseband chip data read, backup and burn into new replacement logic board

Pro1000S + 11-Pro Max offline mode operation

Offline mode operations,

1.Connect module with pro1000s

2.Place your logic board to the m module properly

3.Click the read button, data will be detected by pro1000s, click save button to backup

4.Replace the logic board, lock the burn button, data will be write to the new replacement logic board

Online mode operations

1.Connect 11-Pro Max Module with PC lightning cable

2.running JC repair application on PC, switch to chip repair on top section

3.Click read button, data will be read

4.Replace the new replacement logic board, click burn button, date will be write to thee new replacement logic board


1. Online offline dual mode supported

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