JC P11 BGA110 NAND Programmer for iPhone 8 X XR XS MAX Repair

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Leading JC P11 BGA110 Programmer is the Ultimate 3-in-1 PCIE Programmer for iPhone 8/8P/X/XR/XS/XSMAX NAND Flash, Support Apple BGA110 NAND SYSCFG data modification & write, Unbind WIFI, no need restoring device firmware, support to write the SYSCFG data directly.

JC P11 BGA110 Programmer for iPhone 8/8P/X/XR/XS/XS MAX 11 pro MAX NAND Flash, Support from 8 to XS Max 11 pro MAX NAND currently,

Details and Operation for BGA110 Programmer JC P11/ P11F Nand fixture


Name: BGA110 Programmer for 8-11 pro max NAND
Model: JC P11 / JC P11F
Features: Leading black Technology / The Ultimate Three-In-One

New JC P11 Software have updated,

Reading iPhone/iPad Nand SYSCFG data doesn't require credits; the credits are required only when writing nand flash.

1. JC P11/P11F can read the iPhone/iPad Nand flash underlying data for free (SYSCFG data), and detect the quality of the iPhone/iPad Nand Flash (good or bad)
2. Don't need JC Credit points when writing an iPhone/iPad Nand flash ( NAND Reading / writing operation is free ). Frist, you need to upload the iPhone/iPad Nand Flash underlying data (SYSCFG data) to the JC server to generate the encrypted file, then download the file, and finally you can write it to the Nand flash.
3. Please update it to the latest JC P11 software or contact the China Phonefix Team for permission.

Brand-new BGA110 NAND no need restoring device firmware, support NAND SYSCFG data modification & write and unbind WIFI

Support BGA110 NAND SYSCFG data modification & write, Unbind WIFI
Brand-new NAND no need restoring device firmware, support to write the SYSCFG data directly
Repair the Error 35 during firmware restoring for BGA110 NAND
Repair the DATA Error for BGA110 NAND
Support 8-XS Max currently, free software upgrade to support 11-11Pro Max for future
Initiate the network charging mode, can purchase the points according to the demand, which greatly saves the equipment investment cost.

1. JC P11 requires the computer to connect with the network, sign in the JC new software, upload the iPhone Nand flash underlying data (SYSCFG data) online. The Nand flash data can only be read and written after being decrypted and encrypted by the JC Software server.
2. The computer that used for JC P11 programmer is required to install iTunes software or third-party iPhone recovery software (3UTOOLS)
3. JC P11 Programmer run on the unique encryption decryption algorithm, The Nand flash underlying data must be used in conjunction with the JC server and the P11 credit points (need pay for ).
4. The online credit points for JC P11 programmer can be recharged separately in the future.
5. Other problems or considerations for using the JC P11 programmer, please contact our seller.

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