JC Pro1000S Logic Baseband EEPROM Module for iPhone XR XS MAX

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JC Pro1000S Logic/Baseband EEPROM IC Module for iPhone XR XS MAX

JC Pro1000S BaseBand EEPROM chip Read / Write Module (Intel & Qualcomm), iphoneXR XS MAX Logic / BaseBand EEPROM IC Read / Write Programmer For iPhone XR XS MAX


  • It works on JC PRO1000S Programmer. 
  • Read/ Backup/ Burn on EEPROM chip information in 1 second.
  • Support: iPhone XR XS MAX, suitable for both Qualcomm and Intel EEPROM chips.
  • JC BE-XR XS MAX is for repairing iPhone XR XS MAX Baseband EEPROM chip without removing the chip from the main board.

Package include:

1 x iPhone Intel Baseband / Qualcomm Baseband / Logic EEPROM IC Reading / Re-Writing Module for iPhone XR XS MAX


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