JC N7 N8 NX N11 NAND Restore Fixture for iPhone 6 7 8 X XS 11

Package: JC N7


JC T8 T7 NAND Test Fixture Motherboard Repair Test Fixture for iPhone 7 8 7Plus 8Plus  

JC N7 N8 iPhone NAND / motherboard Test Fixture is 2-IN-1 iPhone 7 7P + 8 8P Logic Board Restore repair tool, iPhone 7 8 8Plus NAND Test Fixture is designed to test the NAND Flash Status (Bad or Good), also can be used to Re-install / Re-Flash / Re-store iOS system on iPhone 8 8P Motherboard, Upgrade Firmware, and Brushing your iPhone 8 8P Logic Board, get the iTunes error code.

Option Style:

Option 1: JC T7/N7 for iPhone 7 + iPhone 7 Plus
Option 2: JC T8/N8 for iPhone 8 +iPhone 8 Plus
Option 3: JC NX for iPhone X+ XS + XS MAX
Option 4: JC N11 for iphone 11 pro max
Option 4: JC N6 for iphone 6 6P

Two kinds connection:
1. Connect the iPhone mainboard with Tail Plug Flex Cable / iPhone power supply cable
2. Connect the iPhone mainboard with JC C1 Smart Repair cable ( FIX263 )


  1. Put the right NAND test fixtue with iPhone motherboard
  2. Put the Nand Flash Test Adapter head on the Test Fixture base plate
  3. Put Nand Flash in the tester head
  4. Connect the computer, using latest itunes, then you can Restore / Reinstall / Re-Flash iOS Firmware to test the Nand Flash, and repair iphone restore fastly testing iPhone 8 8P NAND (Good / Bad status), and iphone 8 Plus motherboard trouble.

Common errors:
error 1(motherboard error)
error 14(itunes update error)
error 53 (fingerprints error).
error 4014 (NAND bad / good error )
error 9 (First show:NAND connection error,End show:NAND bad / good error )
... others more error code, updated in future.

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