JC TX-BAS Double Layered Motherboard Test Fixture for iPhone X

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JC TX-BAS Double Layered Test Fixture Frame with Free JC C1 Cable Box for iPhone X Motherboard Soldering Repair Tool

JC TX-BAS iPhone X Motherboard Upper Lower Repair Test Fixture Jig, adopt gasket compatible design, support the non-frame iPhone X motherboard layered test, come with battery seat, tail socket integrated wiring design, built-in pair of chips, long-term boot does not restart.

  1. Easy to use, connect the upper and lower motherboards for testing/repair, avoid problems after installation, increase maintenance speed Check in advance to avoid duplicate disassembling and breaking the motherboard Small size, easy to carry.
  2. Four major innovative designs, Total technological transcendence
  3. Support no box X motherboard layered test
  4. Exclusive clamshell design, one-handed operation
  5. Battery set, tail socket integrated layout design, Free battery / tail plug one key to start up, quick brush machine
  6. But tx-bas and give away a smart maintenance line C1 Cable box.
  7. Cooperate with Jingcheng intelligent maintenance line C1 test cable

Display of Internal structure:
  • Built-in battery / tail plug integrated switch board
  • top board
  • import probe
  • bottom board
  • in the box gasket

Package List:
  • 1pc x JC TX-BAS Double Layered Fixture

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