JC U2 Tristar Tester Box for iPhone U2 IC Fault Fast Testing Tool



iPhone U2 IC fault Detector can fast detect the U2 IC faults, U2 Fast Detector can read the SN even if the iPhone is locked by ID passcode or disabled

JC -U2 Features:
1. Fast identify the status your U2 chip (Tristar)
2. Real time read the data
3. The easiest way for operations
4. Read the SN without connect to network

Operation method:
Lighting power supply cord
The first step:
1. Plug in the power cord (the instrument will start up automatically after power supply)
2. Right - click to switch between Chinese and English
3. Right - click to switch to the operation interface
4. Double - click to switch to about the native interface

U2 quick detector engineering line
The second step:
1. Connect the other end to the mobile phone (the mobile phone should be turned off)
2. Long press the phone boot button to turn on the phone
3. After starting up, U2 speed detector can automatically read the phone information and detect the chip status
4. Right - click to switch to the landscape screen
5. Right - click to recheck the phone chip data


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