JingLiang 10CC Lead-Free BGA Soldering Paste Flux for Phone PCB Repair



JingLiang High Viscosity 10CC Solder Paste Flux No-Clean BGA Soldering Flux for Phone PCB BGA Soldering and Reballing Repair Tool

  1. No-Clean solder paste flux for welding cell phone PCB SMD etc
  2. Help to repair the circuit boards and protect the electronic components
  3. A necessary material for repairing the mobile phone mainboard
  4. BGA soldering paste flux is the mixture of high-quality alloyed powder and resinic pasty flux
  5. It can be used for soldering and reballing of computer and phone chips
  6. Usage: Electronics / phone motherboard PC BGA soldering repair

Package includes:
  • 1pc x JingLiang 10CC Solder Paste Flux

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