JM-10-12 Stainless Steel Cross Type Tweezers Phone Repair Hand Tool



PHONEFIX JM-10-12 Anti-static Cross Type Tweezers Set with Replaceable Fiber Plastic Head Curved Straight Tweezers for Phone Repair Hand Tools

  • It is used for precisely hold the small components on cell phone logic board.
  • The Cross Type tweezers is designed with 125mm stainless steel handle and replaceable head which is made of special fiber plastic materials.
  • You can install the straight or curved head according to your demand, the tweezers set are popular with the high hardness, high temperature resistance and anti-static features.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: As pictures shown
  • Tweezers handle: 125mm
  • Fiber plastic straight head: 40mm * 2pcs
  • Fiber plastic curved head: 40mm * 2pcs

     1. Stainless steel tweezers handle

  • Equipped with straight and curved special fiber plastic tweezers head, which has high hardness, high temperature resistance and anti-static performance. Reverse elastic design can reduce the fatigue feeling of hands during long time holding operation.

     2. Fiber plastic straight head + Fiber plastic curved head

  • Replaceable head design, can be replaced according to the demand of cell phone repairs. When the tweezers head gets damaged, you can replace directly to extend the whole tweezers service life performance.

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