Kingbo 100g RMA-218 BGA Solder Flux Paste for SMT Reballing Repair

Size: NC-559-ASM


High Viscosity NC-559-ASM / RMA-223-UV / KINGBO RMA-218 No-Clean Soldering Paste Flux BGA Soldering Tin Cream for Phone PCB BGA Soldering Repair

Option Type:
  • Option 1: Hanwuyou NC-559-ASM 10cc - Made in China
  • Option 2: Hanwuyou RMA-223 100g -UV - Made in China
  • Option 3: KINGBO RMA-218 100g - Made in Japan

  1. The KINGBO RMA-218 is a high viscosity no-clean flux that can be used for rework, sphere or pin attachment to BGA, CGA and CSP packages, and assembly operations such as Flip Chip attachment to PWB substrates.
  2. Good formula for BGA reballing / balls works it can stick the balls much more.

Package includes:
  • 1pc x BGA Solder Paste Flux 

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