KORAD KA3005D Programmable DC Power Supply 30V 5A 110V 220V

Liquid error (product-info line 70): -Infinity

Voltage: 110V


KORAD KA3005D DC power supply is the programmable digital phone repair tool, KA3005D regulated laboratory grade DC power supply station, 30V 5A 0.01V 0.001A precision adjustable DC power supply for mobile phone repair, heavy duty single-channel, constant-voltage and constant-current linear power supply with low ripple and noise, high reliability and high accuracy.

KORAD KA3005D 30V 5A Programmable DC Power Supply For Phone Repair

Compact Design:
Dual 4 Digit LED Displays ( Precision Variable Adjustable )
Digital Controls
Output switch control
4 sets of parameters can be stored inside for fast recall
Keyboard Lock to prevent accidental changing of set parameters
Circuit protection for over load, short circuit and over temperature.
Automatic switching between mA and A display
Quiet variable speed fan

Operating Conditions:
Input voltage: 220V / 110V +/-10%
Frequency range: 50- 60Hz
Operating temperature: 32-104 F (0-40 oC)
Operating humidity: < 80%RH
Storage temperature: 32-158 F (0-70 oC)
Storage humidity: < 70%RH

Stable Voltage:
Output Voltage Range: 0-30V Continuously adjustable
Setup Resolution: 10 mV
Setup Accuracy: <0.05% +20 mV
Ripple: < 1mVRMS
Read back Accuracy: 10 mV
Temp. Coefficient: < 0.1% + 10mV
Read back Temp. Coefficient: < 100 ppm+10 mV

Stable Current:
Output Current Range: 0-5A Continuously adjustable
Setup Resolution: 1 mA
Setup Accuracy: <0.1% +3 mA
Ripple: < 3mARMS
Read back Accuracy: 1 mA
Temp. Coefficient: < 0.1% + 5mA
Read back Temp. Coefficient: < 100 ppm+5 mA

With Power cables and repair cables

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