Constant Temperature Heating Platform for Screen Repair BGA welding

Package: Option 1


220V LED Digital Constant Temperature Heating Platform for SMD BGA PCB Mobile Phone LCD Screen Repair

Option Heating Dimension:
Option 1: JF-956S -100*100mm
Option 2: JF-956 - 150*150mm
Option 3: JF-956A - 200*200mm
Option 4: JF-956B - 200*260mm
Option 5: JF-956C - 250*250mm
Option 6: JF-956E - 200*360mm
Option 7: JF-956D - 300*300mm

Temperature control: 50-400 degree
Accuracy: 1 degree
Voltage: 220V

Multi-angle cooling design for better cooling effect;
High levelness, the surface is bright as a mirror;
Multi-tube technology efficient heating tube ensures good heat transfer effect;
This item can be used to divide, repair cell phone screen, LED display, Component work, SMD re-engineering work, PCB removing, soldering work;
The constant temperature heating platform adopts high-performance CPU to control temperature, it has accurate temperature control and strong practicability.

1. Any seal glue, glue heating for electronic
2. LED aluminum plate welding,repair.
3. Mold core preheating for Mold factory
4. BGA repair plant tin solder, especially suitable for large size BGA welding

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