LCD Screen Photosensitive Data Backup Programmer for iPhone 8 8P X

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LCD Screen EEPROM Photosensitive Data Programmer Reading Writing Backup Programmer for iPhone 8 8P X

Function: The photosensitive data can be readed & writed on iPhone 8 8P X LCD screen, which can backup to the computer, even if the LCD screen is lost, as long as you have the data, it can also be used after replacing the screen in the future, It can only be used when there is original screen, since you have to read the data from the original screen and re-write it to the assembly screen.

1. Support offline and online operation, with touch screen, easy and quick operation.
2. Provide both Chinese and English versions, follow up upgrade bilingual switch, to meet the needs of global customers.
3. Support iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8 three mobile phones, save the cost of purchasing tools.
4. You can backup more than 200 code files and upload them to the computer.
5. Small size, it is convenient to carry out on-site maintenance, easy to work and durable.

Item Specification:
Item name: LCD Screen EEPROM Photosensitive Data Read
Upgrades: Support 7-7p vibration reading and writing
Compatible models: for iPhone 8 8plus X
Type: Other
Usage: Home DIY


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