LCD Separator with Build-in Vacuum Pump for Phone Screen Separating

Size: 7 inch
Voltage: 220V


7 12 14 inch LCD Separator with Build-In Vaccum Pump Touch Screen Separating Machine for iPhone / Samsung Touch Screen Repair

Option Type Size:
Optional 1: KS-948C - Max 7 inches phone-- 500W
Optional 2: KS-988C - Max 12 inches tablet -- 270W
Optional 3: KS-999C - Max 14 inches tablet -- 500W

1.The separate machine is suitable for 7 inches cell phones or 12 inches table / iPad
2.The machine is used for separating LCD and touch screen of Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG,Xiaomi Oneplus as well as other Smart Phones.
3.If the LCD is still working well, you just need to replace the touch screen.

1.Put your lcd with touch screen on the metal plate, LCD side above;
2.Set the 4 arms to keep the touch screen on the metal plate stably;
3.Turn on the machine and wait for the metal plate become 80-100 degree(can not beyond 100 degree);
4.Start to separate the LCD off the glass with a core, then right and left movement with the core in between the LCD and the glass, please notice you must using gentle power and keep the core stay on the LCD surface, so that it will avoid the touch screen be damaged.

1.Built-in Pump no need screen clamp
2. advanced TEP controller. It can show both the setting temperature and actual temperature at same time.
3. Heat area: 196x120 mm. Perfect for all 7 inch screen, 280x200 mm. Perfect for all 12 inch screen.
4.Input voltage: 220V
5.Applicable size: 7 inches or below / 12 inches or below
6.Temperature adjustment: 50 to 150 degrees

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