Charger USB Port Output Voltage Amps Meter Tester Multimeter

颜色: Blue


LCD USB Port Output Voltage/Amps Power Meter Tester Multimeter, Test Speed of Chargers, Cables, Capacity of Power Banks.

Optional Type:
Option 1: Simple - Blue
Option 2: Upgrade - White

Voltage: 3.5v-7.0 v error 0.1v
Current: 0-3.0A error 0.01A
Working temperature: 0-60

Very simple and practical small instrument:
Small and portable, without external power supplies and other ancillary equipment, plug and play.

Simple operation, wide applicable scope: USB alternating voltage and current, according to test result is clear, clear, suitable for factories, laboratories, and ordinary users.

Mixer can detect any USB output of power supply, chargers, computer USB, car charger and mobile power supply, it can easily measure the USB port of the no-load voltage, load voltage and current of the equipment at work, and to judge whether the performance of the charger and charging line meets the requirements.

Package List:
1 x LCD USB Charger Tester

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