Light Control IC 9pin U1501 U1502 AS3923 For iPhone 5S 6P 7 Blacklight

Option: 5-DZ 12pin


Blacklight light control IC U1501 U1502 U1503 for iPhone 6 6 Plus motherboard repair, iPhone light control IC replacement chip for iPhone circuit board repair tool, 20pin AS3923 Display IC, LCD display IC for iPhone 5S 6S 6Plus, iPhone blacklight light control IC for iPhone 6 6S 6S Plus 7 7 Plus

iPhone Light Control IC 9pin Replacement Chip for iPhone 6 6S 6S Plus 7 7Plus Circuit Board Repair

[ Option IC ] :
  • Option 1: iPhone 6 9pin light control U1503 3638
  • Option 2: iPhone 6 12pin light control U1502/1508 (DY)
  • Option 3: iPhone 6 20pin Display U1501
  • Option 4: iPhone 6 20pin Display IC AS3923 
  • Option 5: iPhone 5/5S/6 12pin light control U1502 (DZ)
  • Option 6: iPhone 5/5C 20pin Display U3
  • Option 7: iPhone 6S/SE light control 3539
  • Option 8:​ iPhone 7/7P 16pin light control 3539
  • Option 9:​ iPhone 6S/7 20pin Display 65730
  • Option 10:​ iPhone 6S Blue Screen Fix IC
  • Option 11:​ iPhone 5S/6/7 U6 Blue Screen Fix IC
  • Option 12: AS3923 NFC IC

U1503 9pin 3638 light control IC (fingerprints) For iphone 6 6 Plus, iphone 6 6Plus U1401 35pin USB change 2400B0, iphone 6 Q1403 9pin usb change 68815

U1503 9pin light control
U1502 12pin light control (DY / DZ, Pls remark it)
U1501 20pin 65730 display IC
U1502 and U1580 is 12pin light control
U5302_rf 20pin AS3923 display IC

Package includes:

  • 1pcs x Light Control IC

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