Manually Desoldering Pump Electric Vacuum Solder 30W 220V



Manually Desoldering Pump Electric Vacuum Solder

  • Bulky, strong suction, is a thick film integrated circuit. Can be used independently with one hand.
  • Power 5 minutes after the addition of tin can work for a long time, automatically spit tin.
  • Appearance, novel structure, easy to use and clean desoldering.
  • Electric suction tin can draw the melted solder extremely accurate, smooth disconnect parts.
  • A thick film integrated circuit with strong suction.
  • 100% NEW and high quality.
  • Absorption of tin uses voltage: 220V AC, power 30W, power on, warm 3-5 minutes, pushing the piston handle jammed, smoke tin
  • Department of the intention of seizing the front tip of the solder joints under the component until the solder melting
  • After pressing the control button, solder Jibei breathing pump, the Desoldering pump with two different nozzle diameter, the thickness can be selected according to component lead.
  • For welding, soldering iron and use the same operation.
  • Direction of the arrow will force the upper pump under pressure, and then into the pump and the handle is pulled, pump can be separated by the counter-clockwise rotating nozzle, suction head can be removed,
Package list:
  • 1pcs: Electric Vacuum Solder
  • 2pcs: Iron Nozzle

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