Mechanic 148℃ BGA Solder Flux Paste Soldering Tin BGA Welding Cream



Mechanic XP4 soldering paste is a special type of low-melting soldering paste for soldering electronic components, Mechanic 35g lead-free low temperature solder paste flux 148℃ solder paste for SMT PCB BGA repair tool, PCB, SMD, BGA soldering tool in phone repair processes.

MECHANIC 148℃ Soldering Flux Paste BGA Solder Paste Soldering Tin Cream

Special low temperature soldering paste
Number: 4.3#
Model: XP4
Paste: lPX7
G.W: 35g
N.W: 27g
Metling: 148℃
Application:Suit for low tempature PCB and small components welding

Package List:
1pcs x 148℃ Soldering Paste

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