MECHANIC 20ml Super Strong BGA-IC Removing Adhesive Glue



MECHANIC 20ml Special BGA-IC Removing Adhesive Glue S-60 Black Glue Adhesive Liquid Glue for iPhone iPod Xiaomi Cell Phone BGA IC Chip Remover

NOTE: BGA-IC adhesive removing liquid, Cos this items is liquid, it is the lis of Prohibited Goods: DHL/UPS/EMS/all air mail, and may not shipped, this items will NOT be accepted for carriage, if you need it, we just send to china address or china express company.

  1. It can quickly soften and loosens solidified resin adhesive such as phenolics, epoxy, Acrylate, polyurethane, organosilicon.
  2. It does not to harm to circuit board and component, even to maintenance worker.
  3. iPhone black Glue adhesive solution remover
  4. Special removal solution for iPhone BGA Chip Black Glue
  5. Removing liquid softens and removes resinating and Black sealing glue of iphone BGA ICs

How to use:
  1. Use a tweezers to pick a piece of cotton wool with bigger size to BGA chip and Dip it into the glue remover.
  2. Put the cotton wool on the BGA chip and cover through
  3. Place a plastic bag or film on the top and cover the PCB board
  4. Wait for 20mins.
  5. REDO step 1 to 4
  6. Use a tweezers to remove softened sealing glue around the BGA
  7. Use Hot air gun (300Deg. C) to heat up the chip. The Glue at the bottom will melt and soften by heat
  8. Use a Tweezers / cutter to remove the chip

Attention: glue removing liquid , it shall not touch skin, eye, please close it after using. If touched by accident, pls use water clean it.

Package includes:
  • 1pc x 30ml bottle glue removing liquid

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