Mechanic 30ML LCD Screen Middle Frame Liquid Adhesive Glue

Option: KO-66


Mechanic 30ML KO-66 KO-88 KO-99 Liquid Adhesive Glue Phone Screen Middle Frame Adhesive for Mobile Phone iPad LCD Screen Repair

Optional Models:
  • Option 1: KO-66 (Black)
  • Option 2: KO-88 (Milky)
  • Option 3: KO-99 (White)

  • Mechanic screen middle frame adhesive glues the screen perfectly without heating, good elasticity, no damage to the screen. After the glue is cured, its original rubber elasticity protects the LCD screen from vibration and shock, and its weather resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance will stay the same.
  • Mechanic screen middle frame adhesive glue is suitable for repairing the mobile Phone screen narrow frame and iPhone screen narrow frame, especially for the iPhone X and iPhone 11 series.
  • Mechanic screen middle frame adhesive glue is mainly used to repair and gluing screen middle frame of the Mobile phone, iPad, tablet, LCD screen, etc.

Package includes:
  • 1pc x 30ML Mechanic Liquid Adhesive Glue

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