Mechanic 3D BGA Reballing Stencil Kit For iPhone XS MAX PCB Repair

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Mechanic iPX 3D BGA reballing stencil kit for iPhone motherboard middle layer planting tin template reballing plate for iPhone XS XR XS MAX, Mechanic 3D-XS-M BGA reballing stencil grooved positioning de-gluing tin platform 3D baseband stencil repair base tool, 3D BGA reballing stencil kit motherboard middle layer planting tin template reballing plate for iPhone X soldering repair net

Mechanic iPX 3D Reballing Stencil Template For iPhone XS XR XS MAX Motherboard Middle Layered Welding Soldering Repair Tools

Product Features :
  1. Japan imports steel sheet,eco-friendly material.
  2. 0.3mm thickness, easy to scrape tim, high stength, not easy to deform.
  3. High temperature resistance, no deformation,anti-swell.
  4. Durable, easier to take off the net, more efficient.
  5. 3D Design,stable use, precise plate tin.

Anti thermal expansion
Adopting the Imported material, localized engraving process, and the thickness of 0.3MM is kept around the groove to ensure that the working area is not easily deformed by heat.
Extremely easy to scrape tin
Since the thickness of the steel stencil around the working area reaches 0.3 MM, the surround/ng strength is farge; when the hand presses against, the stendl does not deform, and it's easy to remove the tin
Precision and durability
The thickness of 0.3MM ensures that the times of use of the steel stencil is more than 3 times of me ordinary one, laser engrase, the hole is in the shape of a horn, and it is easy to demold.

Application :
  • Adopting high-speed numerical control technology and high-temperature resistant toughened materials production,round square precise hole positioned,make steel net more durable,easier to take off the net,more efficient.
  • It's easy to scrape tin,and the thickness of steel sheet around the work can reach 0.3mm,high strength, not easy to deform when pressed by hand.Positioning slot is made of high temperature resistant synthetic stone.
  • Small and portable,it can be magnified under a microscope

Package included :
  • 1pcs x 3D BGA Reballing Stencils

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