Mechanic 6 in 1 iR10 Pro OCA Glue Cleaning Grinding Cutting Tools

Option: iR10


MECHANIC 6 in 1 iR10 Pro OCA glue removal tool, OCA glue cleaning grinding cutting tools for phone repair, mobile phone mutli-functional rechargeable head glue removal tool, degumming, cutting, polish, drug free water, hands free tear, interchangeable head, adjustable speed, chareing type

MECHANIC iR10 Pro Mutli-functional Glue Remover LCD Screen OCA Glue Removal Tool Cleaning Grinding Cutting Tools

[ Optional Types ] :
Option 1: iR10: On / off button
Option 2: iR10 Pro: Multiple use key, with adjustable-speed motor

6 in 1 Phone Screen Glue Removal Tool :
1: Degumming Fine needle
2: Degumming Needle
3: Wire Grinding Head
4: Cutting Machine
5: Degumming Wool head
6: Phase grinding head

Product Features :
100% brand new.
It is tested before shipping.

Package includes :
1 pair OCA Glue Removal Tool

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