MECHANIC AK668 Alloy Non-Slip Screwdriver Precision Opening Tool

Size: 0.6mm(Y)


MECHANIC AK668 Multi-function High Precision Screwdriver Opening Tool Kit for iPhone / Samsung / HUAWEI /Xiaomi Teardown Repair Tool

Option Screwdriver:
Option 1: 0.6mm(Y) for iPhone 7/8/X
Option 2: 1.2mm (+) - Cross Head
Option 3: 1.5mm (+) - Cross Head
Option 4: 2.5mm (Inner hex Hex) for iphone 6s
Option 5: 0.8mm (★) - 5 Point Star
Option 6: T2 Torx
Option 7: Full set 5pcs

- High Precision, High hardness.
- Special design for iPhone / Samsung / HUAWEI repairing, use a good product less problem.
- All-metal multipurpose screwdriver for Phone Teardown Repair Tool


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