Mechanic Dot Matrix Repair Tool Set For iPhone Face ID Not Available



MECHANIC Dot Matrix repair tools set for iPhone X XS MAX 11 PRO MAX Face ID not working repair, Mechanic Dot matrix repair tools kit for iPhone X XS XS MAX 11 PRO MAX 11 PRO 11 Face ID, suit for dot matrix for face ID soldering repair, solving broken dot projector of iPhone phones, no-record face, iPhone XS Face ID repair special soldering paste, the perfect repair tools set is for iPhone X Face ID soldering repair

Mechanic Dot Matrix Repair Tools Set For iPhone X XS XS MAX 11 PRO MAX 11 PRO 11 Face ID Repair

Product Features : 
Pen-type pressing, sensitive contact switch, small and flexible, comfortable to hold.
Universal high temperature resistant synthetic stone microscope base, pressured of sinking clips design, Precise positioning with clamping.
Special soldering paste, A touch instant soldering, plump solder point, no reside, fast curing.
Fast curing glue, help repair Dot projector for Face ID efficiently
It is specially used for the soldering and reflow of the Dot projector for Face ID, effectively preventing the oxidation process and improving the mainboard's welding quality of the Dot projector for Face ID
Grinding pen, suitable for repairing IC chips, grinding, cutting motherboard, bracket, removing screws, ect. without damaging the surface of components.
Application: Suit for dot projector for phone face ID soldering.
Solving broken dot projector, no-record face, perfect repair Face ID.

Compatible models: iPhone X / XS / XS MAX / 11 / 11 PRO /11 PRO MAX

Package includes:

  • 1pcs x Magnetic Fixture FID
  • 1pcs x Face ID stencil iTin 48
  • 1pcs x IC Polish Tool IRX
  • 1pcs x 3ML Dot Projector Special Soldering Paste DT1
  • 1pcs x 10ML Dot Projector Special Glue OK7
  • 1pcs x 10cc Dot Projector Special Flux DW136

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