Mechanic FBX08s Fly Line Special Pen 0.01mm Fingerprint Jump Wire

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MECHANIC FBX08s 0.01mm fly line special pen ease spot welding wire for iPhone mainboard maintenance repair, Mechanic BGA spot welding special pen repairing flying line fingerprint jump wire for mobile phone motherboard fingerprint repair accessories, iPhone BGA mainboard fly line with fly line special pen for tweezers soldering tool

Mechanic FBX08s Junp Wire with Special Pen Fingerprint Motherboard Welding FXS-9 0.01mm Soldeing Fly Line For Mobile Phone Soldering Repair Tool Kit

Product Features :
  1. Not easy to break Willed Extensible
  2. Easy to use without blocking the line of sight
  3. You can cut the flying line by pressing the button yourself 

Product Specification :
  • Item Name: Jump Wire with Pen
  • Brand: Mechanic
  • Model: FBX08s
  • Wire Caliber: 0.01mm
  • Copper: 99.6%
  • Insulation: Yes
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Application: For precision flexible circuits 

FXS-9: 0.01MM superfine jump wire would not short out even the 0.01mm spot pitch, superior effect

CAUTION: To avoid soldering in jump don't hold the jump wire directly, must hold the shell or take the wire by tweezers or other tools

Package included :
  • 1pcs x Mechanic Jump Wire Pen
  • 2pcs x Jump Wire - 100M

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