Mechanic iSm5 3ML Special Jumper Wire Solder Paste ‏for PCB Repair



Mechanic iSm5 Special Fly Line Jumper Wire Soldering Paste with 3 Needles for Motherboard BGA Chip Repair Tools

iSm5 is derived from Japanese formulation symproducts industrial-grade nano compounds break through high activity, moderate viscosity pick a little on the solder spot, the iron head can be tinted with a single stamp.

Mechanic iSm5 Jump Wire Special Solder Paste with 3pcs Needles
  • Volume: 3ML
  • Temperature: 220-230 ℃

Features: Easy to tin, high activtiy, flying line on the touch, tin point full.

Package includes:
  • 1pc x Mechanic iSm5 Solder Paste

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