Mechanic Precision Jumper Wire Soldering Iron Tip For iPhone Repair

Option: Cutter head


Mechanic 99% pure copper 936 iron tip professional remove glue soldering tip 900M-T-CK iron head for mobile phone motherboard repair, fly line special precision pure copper welding head tip - 936 soldering iron tip for soldering iron station repair tools, MECHANIC precision Cutter / Pointed / Bend head soldering iron tips for phone PCB BGA logic board repair.

MECHANIC Precision Soldering Iron Tip For iPhone Android Phones Repair

Product Features :
  1. 99% Pure copper
  2. 100% brand new and high quality
  3. Easy to SN Fast heating Long life
  4. High quality oxygen free copper
  5. Strong corrosion resistance
  6. It has high safety and stable performance
  7. Made of high-strength and heat-resistant copper for durable use

Its pointed end shaped like a needle that is suitable for crafted workmanship, for example, fit the alarm fob of a car, micro switch had popped off the small circuit board and the contacts for the micro switch are smaller than micro (smaller than a pin head), or soldering in a narrow space, revising the tin bridge emerging from chip soldering. It makes soldering work delicate and easier.

Preservation method :
Easy to clean, use the sponge to polish the surface. Please do not leave them exposed to the air, better wrap them with tin. Don't leave your iron tip running for hours and hours if you are not using it. This can make the tip get black oxide cover. (If you leave it on too long or run it too hot it will burn off the solder and go black.

Package includes :

  • 1pcs x Mechanic Soldering Tip

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