MECHANIC SIV110 Universal Digital Display Multimeter AC DC Meter



Mechanic SIV110 palm size electrical tester, Mechanic SIV110 voice broadcast multimeter for mobile phone repair, high precision electrician measurement multitester with LCD display screen, Mechanic pocket digital multimeter auto digital display multimeter for cell phone repair, universal AC DC voltage diode resistance tester and electrician test tools

Mechanic SIV110 Universal Digital Multimeter Pocket AC DC Voltage Diode Resistance Tester

Product Parameter :
  • Product Type: Smart Pocket Digital Multimeter
  • Safety level: IEC1010 CATIV600V
  • Measurement function: DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, capacitance, diode (4.2V high voltage output)
  • Automatic level: triode, continuity test, intelligent automatic voice report, manual true rms value, roughly
  • DC voltage rating: 0.6-800V ± 0.5%
  • AC voltage rating: 0.6-600V ± 0.8%
  • DC current rating: 20mA-10A ± 2.0%
  • AC current rating: 20mA-10A ± 2.0%
  • Resistance level: 0.1Ω-60MΩ ± 0.8%
  • Capacitance level: 10nF-60nF ± 3.5%
  • Maximum display: 5999
  • Size: 145 * 70 * 35mm

Note : The multimeter without battery.

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