MECHANIC SIV110 Universal Digital Display Multimeter AC/DC Meter



MECHANIC SIV110 Auto LCD digital display multimeter, palm size smart electrical tester, electrician measurement multitester, unviersal AC/DC voltage diode resistance tester for electrician test tools

Product Type: Smart Pocket Digital Multimeter
Safety level: IEC1010 CATIV600V
Measurement function: DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, capacitance, diode (4.2V high voltage output)
Automatic level: triode, continuity test, intelligent automatic voice report, manual true rms value, roughly
DC voltage rating: 0.6-800V ± 0.5%
AC voltage rating: 0.6-600V ± 0.8%
DC current rating: 20mA-10A ± 2.0%
AC current rating: 20mA-10A ± 2.0%
Resistance level: 0.1Ω-60MΩ ± 0.8%
Capacitance level: 10nF-60nF ± 3.5%
Maximum display: 5999
Size: 145 * 70 * 35mm

The multimeter without battery.

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