MECHANIC Sn63% Pb37% Rosin Core Tin Solder Wire For Phone BGA Repair

Liquid error (product-info line 70): -Infinity

Size: 0.3mm
Option: 50g


Mechanic high purity tin solder wire lead solder melt rosin core for cell phone motherboard repair tool, mobile phone circuit board repair solder tin wire, low melting point and high brightness solder tin wire lead rosin core for BGA PCB welding tool, 0.3/0.5/0.6mm/0.8mm soldering wire for mobile phone repairing 0.5mm solder wire is best suitable.

Mechanic High Purity Tin Solder Wire Lead Solder Melt Rosin Core : 0.3 /0.5 /0.6 /0.8mm

[ Option Type Soldering Wires Reel ] :

Option 1: 0.3mm (50g)
Option 2: 0.5mm (50g)
Option 3: 0.6mm (50g)
Option 4: 0.8mm (50g)

Good solder-ability, insulation resistance, no spattering and non-corrosive.
With a low melting point, usually used in iron soldering with bright and full soldering points for phone circuit board repair.
Features with anti-oxidation stability and anti-corrosion ability, it has excellent performance in desoldering.
It is affordable and convenient to operate.
It is widely used in electrical and electronics, solder parts like phone motherboard circuit board, electronics devices and others.

Package includes:
1pcs x Mechanic Tin Solder Wire

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