MECHANIC VC04 Short Killer Repair Box PCB Circuit Fault Detector



MECHANIC VC04 short killer circuit detector VCC power supply for phone repair tool, Mechanic VC04 VCC power supply is the new short killer circuit detector, mobile phone motherboard circuit board short circuit repair tool box, PCB circuit board short circuit burning detection box short circuit repair box.

MECHANIC VC04 Short Killer Circuit detector VCC Power supply

One Sec. Lock / Intelligent Output / LCD digital / long life battery

Features : 

  1. Four Kinds of Voltage 1.2V / 1.8V / 3.0V / 3.8V
  2. Type-C 5V DC charger
  3. Long life battery 24 hours * 7 days
  4. Four digital display, get the fault in one second
  5. Power: 100W (Max)
  6. Current: 25A (Max)

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