Mechanic X6 X8 X9 Rosin Flux 20g Soldering Iron Paste Flux

Option: X6


MECHANIC X6 X8 X9 Rosin Solder Paste Flux for Electric Soldering Iron BGA Soldering Welding Fluxes

Optional Model:
  • Option 1: X6: Domestic Version
  • Option 2: X8: US Version
  • Option 3: X9: Natural Version

  1. Different X6 / X8 / X9 Rosin Flux Solder Paste
  2. Using three different raw materials.
  3. Mild pH, no corrosion to IC or PCB.
  4. Transparent residue, no washing needed.
  5. Melting point is slightly higher than soldering tin.
  6. Adding the chemical components required for welding.
  7. Effectively solve the problem of low anti-oxidation caused by rosin on the market.
  8. Great soldering work tool for smart phone, PCB, BGA, electronic parts repairing.

  • Function: Widely used in circuit board soldering.
  • Name: Rosin
  • Brand: MECHANIC
  • Model: X6 / X8 / X9
  • Size: 48*26mm
  • Net Weight: 20g
  • Gross Weight: 28g

Package includes:
  • 1 x Mechanic Rosin Solder Paste Flux

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