Metal Durable Flux Dispenser Plunger with 3pcs Needles For BGA Repair

Color: Black


Metal durable plunger dispenser for phone BGA soldering repair tool, Flux mate solder paste plunger dispenser with 3pcs needles, BGA solder paste flux mate plunger dispenser tool, manual syringe type solder paste propulsion tool for phone motherboard soldering repair.

Metal Durable Flux Mate Solder Paste Plunger Dispenser with 3pcs Dispensing Tip For Phone BGA Soldering Repair Tool

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Size: 80 x 20 mm
Use this metal dispenser on syringe based flux
To apply flux quickly and precisely for microsoldering
Light weight, comfortable to hold and control

Package includes:
1pcs x Flux Dispenser plunger
3pcs x Dispensing Needle Tips
***Solder flux NOT included.

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