Metal Knife Blades Engraving Graver for iPhone A8 A9 A10 CPU Repair

Size: 10-IN-1


Ultra Thin Graver Blade Remove Burin Tool for A8 A9 A10 A11 CPU Motherboard BGA Chip Disassembly Tool, with 10pcs / 27pcs Blades

Option Type:
  • Option 1: 10-IN-1 iphone CPU Removal Graver: 10pcs Blade + 1pcs handle
  • Option 2: 27-IN-1 iphone CPU Removal Graver: 27pcs Blade + 1pcs handle

  1. 27-in-1 BGA disassemble blade set is for iPhone A9 A8 A10 A11 Logic Board BGA Chip repair tool kit.
  2. Specialized iPhone repair tool for CPU blade remove chip edge glue.
  3. Ultra-thin 0.05mm blade, capricious good, it can ease between the chip and the board at the end, is not easy to lead off point.

  1. To clean the knife edge position when the demolition glue chip and chip temperature around 200 Vinyl
  2. Hot air gun to open 150 degrees, 60 pairs of large air speed for 2 minutes to warm up the motherboard
  3. Hot air gun put a small head, a temperature of 350 degrees to open the first blow of the knife position about 10 seconds and then shake inserted into the bottom of the chip.

[Note: When the knife from side to side is not inserted into the well after the time described the tin melting point not melt easily can be inserted to the knife. ]

Package list:
  • 1pc x Handle
  • 10pcs / 27pcs x Blade (New design)

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