MFC IREWORK Pre-Heating Platform for IPhone PCB Desoldering



MFC IREWORK SMD solder station for Phone Circuit Board Rework Heating Platform

The most common heat transfer applications exist in the rework market like soldering iron & soldering station are using this method.

Operating voltage: 230VAC/50-60Hz, official software website:


1. Equipped with high-performance, low-power consumption AVR microprocessor, long service life
2. Low ripple, low noise, low power consumption (no-load loss less than 3W), automatic sleep function
3. Intelligent overload protection to prevent output short-circuit and over-current protection, can restore automatically
4. Imported grade A 300W heating core, built in no node, long life, good linear consistency and high temperature resistant cable
5. Import grade A PT100 temperature sensor, built in high resistance, high temperature resistant cable
6. Comes with 0.96 inch OLED LCD screen, real-time monitoring platform work status and all data
7. The main control comes with overheating protection, and real-time monitoring, real-time display
8. The design of high heat density, pore size curve distribution, heat transfer and heat flow loss accurate, will not overheat
9. Airframe distributed thermal design and equipped with custom heat resistant cooling fan
10. Parts real-time intelligent self-test, such as thermocouple damage, temperature disorders and other warning tips
11. Can be used to standardize the regular iron temperature or hot air gun temperature calibration or ground detection
12. Factory containing general settings (such as glue, CPU, IC soldering and desoldering, touch or LCD temperature setting)
13. Support all the small integrated circuit board components without iron or hot air gun under the condition of perfect welding and sealing off operation (such as A7 A8 A8 A10 CPU, baseband IC or Nand etc.), the original partition or whole heating design
14. Can be used as a preheating station (baking, drying, aging test) to minimize the risk of damage to components during welding or use process
15. Supports fast removal for smartphones and electronic products glass, touch or battery.
16. Custom all intelligent, one key process operation, during which need not to set (such as preheating, removing glue, disassembly, welding)
17. All preset options can customize the settings and perform actions on them
18. Equipped with computer customized software, with visual curves, custom programmable control
19. Intelligent and easy to control without computer or with computer
20. Factory 100% full load aging and testing (including universal fixture)
21. Product design meets EMC and safety compliance test and meets export standards

Superior performance and ultra low price, your ideal choice.

Demo Video from offical:

JOVY IREWORK SMD solder station for Phone Heating Platform

The iREWORK rated by professional repairers in China (the most repair centers have mass repairs worldwide) as the most safe and guaranteed results station. Process time could not be an issue to concern versus the process and user safety.

iREWORK will enjoy life time Technical and Application support through Jovy Systems after sales services.

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