MJ CH5-B/C Motherboard Separating Station for iPhone X XS 11 Pro

Option: MJ CH5 Heating Station
Added function: Without groove


Mijing CH5 Intelligent Phone Motherboard Preheating Layered Desoldering Platform for iPhone X XS XS MAX + 11 Pro Max PCB Teardown Tools

Function : 
  • MJ CH5 Pre-Heating groove for iPhone X XS XS-MAX
  • MJ CH5-B Pre-Heating groove for iPhone 11
  • MJ CH5-C Pre-Heating groove for iPhone 11 Pro Max
3-IN-1 Motherboard Desoldering Preheater Platform for iPhone X/XS/XSMAX, support A11 A12 A13 CPU chip, A11 A12 NAND, iPhoneX Baseband, iPhone XS MAX baseband and glue removal.

Specification : 
  • Brand: MiJing- China
  • Name: Phone motherboard desoldering station
  • Package Weight: 1KG

Main Unit : 
  • Product Size: 159 mm*89mm*48mm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Input voltage: 110V~220V
  • Output voltage: 24V

Extended Heating Station : 
  • Product Size: 164mm*92mm*40mm
  • Color: Grey + Blue
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Double male adapter cable: 1m
  • Power cord: 1m
  • Max temperature: 300℃
  • Min temperature: 100℃

Features : 
-Precise positioning, precise temperature, rapid temperature rise, non-slip weight increase, digital display temperature, intelligent 15 minutes sleep, 183° three minutes extreme speed rise, fast stratification, safe disassembly, no damage to the motherboard.

Package List : 
  • 1pc x Motherboard Layered Welding Platform

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